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TBAF to NewsMax: Wisconsin Election Clerks Face May 5 Deadline for "Indefinitely Confined"

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

Take Back Our Republic Action Fund cited examples from Wisconsin to New York of how concerned citizens can make sure election officials are following election laws. Click here to complete our survey to let us know what issues you'd like to be our focus. Wisconsin clerks have until May 5 to send letters to tens of thousands of voters on the old “indefinitely confined” list and remove those who do not reply and could otherwise use the law to avoid popular Voter ID laws. Thank you to one of the largest media outlets in the county, NewsMax, for running our piece.

Amid passionate arguments over the breaking of election laws, a simple starting point for any concerned citizen is to be aware of election laws in their state, and to check with election officials well before election day to verify that rules are being followed …

Any Wisconsin voter can call their county election court (click for county-by-county list) to ask if it is complying with the law to send out letters according to Wis Stat. 6.86 (2) (b). This requires clerks to send a letter by May 5, 2022 to anyone who: a) is on their “indefinitely confined” voters list, and b) did not vote in the April 5 Spring election. Click here to read the entire NewsMax story.

For more on TBORA's efforts on election integrity, please click here.


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