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TBAF South Carolina Instant Runoff Discussions

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

TBAF's Government Affairs Director Anne Louise Peterson continued conversations both inside and outside the South Carolina State Capitol with legislators on the Judiciary Committee regarding the role instant runoffs could play as part of election integrity.

Anne caught House Rep. Spencer Wetmore (D-Charleston, top photo) back in her district, which Anne once represented, at the Folly Beach Sea and Sand Festival. Apparently Spencer's husband was feeling left out as he photo bombed.

Back in the Capitol, Anne continued the conversation with House champions Rep. Brandon Newton (R-York County, bottom photo), who has been deputized by Rep. Jay Jordan (R-Florence County, second photo), the elections subcommittee chair in House Judiciary to work elections issues.

Anne Louise Peterson provides legal and governmental affairs services in a host of issue areas throughout the State of South Carolina, networking with lobbyists and legislators at national gatherings. A graduate of the University of Notre Dame and Brooklyn Law School, she got her start in politics in 2008, when she successfully challenged the four term incumbent State Representative in House District 115 by knocking on 9000 constituent doors. She flipped a seat, fought an election challenge by the incumbent and then fought a third party ballot challenge that ended in the South Carolina Supreme Court. Peterson lost her House seat in 2010, in part due to the spoiler effect of the same third party candidate, who got 10% of the vote, and believes in instant runoffs to ensure it takes a majority to win an election.

Peterson returned to the statehouse in 2013 as a lobbyist. She led the 7th South Carolina Congressional District effort to elect John Kasich in 2016 and is very active in the effort to expand school choice and public charter schools in South Carolina. Her two college-aged children are proud charter school graduates.

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