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TBAF’s Field Team Continues to Crisscross West Virginia to Promote Election Integrity

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

Citizens are responding and making sure their voices are heard.

From veterans halls to college football games, and any sized citizen gathering in between, the field team for West Virginians for Transparency (a project organized by Take Back Action Fund) continues to travel the state to promote election integrity issues while urging citizens to let their opinions be heard in Washington, DC.

In fact, in just the last 3 weeks over 586 faxes, 202 letters, and 1,007 calls have been delivered to the offices of Senator Joe Manchin. The message is being heard loud and clear by Senator Manchin and his staff -- he needs to keep fighting for the election reforms that are crucial for fair and secure elections in this country, including his proposal for national Voter ID.

For more on TBORA's efforts on election integrity, please click here.

Just some of the hundreds of West Virginia citizens letting their voices be heard in Washington, DC by sending personal letters to the offices of Senator Joe Manchin.

To follow our field team's work throughout West Virginia please visit


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