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Student Loan Forgiveness - TBAF On Air

After taking yesterday off to celebrate our fallen heroes at a Memorial Day parade, we returned to the office this morning for four hours of Fox News Radio interviews starting with five interviews in less than an hour with stations on WERC Birmingham, AL (0733AM ET), WTKS Savannah, GA (0745AM ET), WSJK Champaign, IL (0752AM ET), WTAM Cleveland, OH (0801AM ET) and WBAP Dallas, TX (0817AM ET).

The topic today was President Biden’s intent to start forgiving student loans, yet another policy driven by politicians attempting to play to liberal partisan primary voters by advocating another policy that is detrimental to the country, unfair, unpopular, and unconstitutional. Here is a summary of how we hit those four issues in order on the air this morning:

  1. DETRIMENTAL TO THE COUNTRY. The great money give away in the last two years has fed a 40-year high 7.9 percent inflation rate, which Fortune Magazine reports will likely get much worse. Another massive giveaway will only add to inflation that hits Americans every day.

  2. UNFAIR. The average American does not have a college degree and lives on a total income of $67,000. Under this plan, they pay for loans of college grads with a household income of $300,000.

  3. UNPOPULAR. To Nate Silver’s credit, his team interviewed new college grads last week and asked what percent of Americans believed all student loans should be forgiven. Each new college graduate guessed 67% to 100% of Americans likely thought all debt should be forgiven, at which point Silver’s 538 person revealed to the shock of the new grads that only 24% of Americans favored complete student loan forgiveness.

  4. UNCONSTITUTIONAL You do not need to find a conservative Constitutional scholar to point out Biden’s team is considering taking a unilateral action that is Unconstitutional. Just last year when Nancy Pelosi asked if Biden might take this step, she answered, “the president can’t do it. That’s not even a discussion.” A National Review columnist cleverly asked, “Do you know how patently illegal something has to be for Nancy Pelosi to acknowledge it’s illegal?”

Perhaps after the primary season is behind us and politicians don’t have to play to the typical far-left primary voter who wants full student loan forgiveness on a long list of ways the government should spend hard-working Americans' tax money and saddle them with debt, cooler heads will prevail. Let us know what you think.


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