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NewsMax tops CNN’s Anderson Cooper - 738,000 to 645,000 Viewers

Good news in this Mediate report for NewsMax, which has had TBAF President John Pudner on their TV outlet and hosts Pudner’s column.

As late as a few months ago, the four most watched cable networks in order were Fox News, ESPN, MSNBC and then 4th place CNN, NewsMax TV ranked 60th.

In a shocking reversal, on Friday (May 6) an average of 738,000 viewers tuned into NewsMax between 8 p.m. and 10 p.m., more than the 645,000 who tuned into CNN’s most popular show of the night - Anderson Cooper.

The report from the liberal (according to outlet Mediaite showed the biggest challenge yet to traditional media. CNN dominated cable news rankings from its launch in 1980 until CNBC nudged ahead once in 2020 and then Fox News moved into first place from 2002 through this year.

Ironically CNN’s Brian Stelter made a big point of NewsMax defeating Fox News for one post-election segment in 2020 in this story, but that was Stelter wrote, “Before the election, Newsmax was not regarded as a formidable competitor to Fox; it was mostly dismissed as one of a handful of wannabe challengers.”

However, that was an isolated daytime segment during which NewsMax had 229,000 for one show compared to 203,000 for Fox News - but for NewsMax TV to gather almost four times that audience to hit 738,000 and beat CNN in primetime was newsworthy indeed.

Take Back Action Fund appreciates the facilitation of getting election reform messages out to the large audiences of NewsMax, as well as top-rated Fox News - which has featured our President on TV three times and regularly on radio including an upcoming morning on the air June 2.


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