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Missouri Farmer, Pastor Elevated from TBAF Coordinator to Central Field Director

Carl Anderson, one of the volunteer coordinators who helped TBAF grow the Missouri effort, will serve as TBAF Central Field Director beginning at Missouri Lincoln Days February 11-13 where conservative leaders from every corner of the state gather before returning to implement conservative policy in all 114 Missouri Counties.

“It is so rare to find an organization that has so much in common with my core values,” said Anderson, who looks forward to touring the state with National Field Director Lars Wiechmann to further strengthen TBAF’s presence in the state.

Anderson, a former farmer and Southern Baptist pastor, is the latest volunteer to be elevated to field position, and is based in Salem, Missouri - less than two hours from both St. Louis and the State Capitol in Jefferson City. He will report to Lars Wiechmann, who started as a volunteer South Carolina coordinator and is now full-time TBAF National Field Director.

“After talking to friends who attended TBAF events in the state over the past several years, I researched the group and decided I wanted to help them organize to advance their important political innovations,” said Anderson, who believes his background in agriculture and pastoring has rooted him firmly in the conservative values of the Show-Me state.

Beginning in 2015, Pudner embarked on a 13-stop tour of the state including appearances around the Capitol and on the Senate Floor with Jacob Scott, who now serves in the office of conservative State Senator Bill Eigel. During this tour Pudner reconnected with conservatives who previously helped him sign up almost one million faith-based Missourians for the Bush 2000 campaign. (click here for Missouri Times story pictured below on Jacob Scott)

Bill Clinton won Missouri by 6 and 10 points, but Pudner’s massive effort to identify and turn out faith-based voters in 2000 was a major factor in flipping the state red for a 3-point win by George W. Bush…and the state has stayed Republican ever since, delivering 16- and 17

-point wins for Donald Trump.

“Everyone who runs campaigns knows that Missouri is the center of the United States, and we are so excited to have someone of Carl’s calibre able to dedicate himself full-time to these efforts,” said Wiechmann, who was policy director for the last Republican Lt. Governor of Virginia, in addition to running huge door-to-door and digital Republican campaigns around the country.


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