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Happy Anniversary of the Day You Born Pudner! 2-week Midwest/South Blitz, Annual Board

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

On behalf of our entire Take Back Our Republic Action team - except for fictional Dwight from our office who tells us it is not really a birthday - we want to wish our Founder and President a Happy Birthday today. Few realize John Pudner is actually a New Yorker, having been born in Potsdam NY just 30 miles from the Canadian border 58 years ago today. However, he spent most of his life in three states – Virginia, Georgia, and Alabama – successfully working to help flip each state from blue to red before moving out – finally settling back in his college town of Milwaukee in 2021.

Even Dwight sent along this card, John.

John claims the biggest evidence of his age is how many politicos he supervised on their first races are now winning national awards and running some of the top campaigns and operations in the company.

Our 2-week blitz of activity will end with John taking a few days away from TBOR Action activities to resume knocking on doors in Green Bay through April 4. While we do not write about candidates in TBOR Action Communications like this, I can tell you that while John claims to prefer the cold, when he started the door-knocking effort in Green Bay with just one other person on December 1 and it hit 14 degrees (5 wind chill), he did finally admit that was a little cold even for him because his fingers were too cold to register on his phone. However, they persevered and the team grew, and will have completed 18,500 door knocks by April 4.

Between now and then, John’s 59th year kicks off with another barrage of activity in a 2-week blitz:

  1. This week John delivers his 11th Wisconsin speech, north of Green Bay the city but along the Bay itself.

  2. After a successful legislative push in Indiana last week, next week includes packed meetings with me throughout the much warmer South (above 60 degrees as I type). Meetings will be at State Capitols and one grassroots meeting will be attended by hundreds. We plan to kick off an issues campaign that will include about as many door knocks as the 18,500 in Green Bay to advocate for one of the issues we often feature on these pages.

  3. As noted, in the first few days of April, he will be back up in Green Bay...

  4. On April 5, the day after the election John will have his monthly appearance as Fox News guest of the day from 6 am to 10 am Central.

  5. Then attention turns to the annual TBOR Action Board meeting in Raleigh NC, and this is where you can help …

This is when the Board reviews our current efforts to determine if we are on course with current issues, and/or should add any others on which we have found strong membership support and fit into our Mission as laid out on

  1. This is also when the Governing Board is elected, and we have had a couple of suggestions for new members to join our great Board. If you have any suggestions on a potential new Board Member, or if you are interested yourself, please email John at (

  2. If you have an opinion on if we should focus more or less on any of our core issues – Final Five, Election Integrity, and Term Limits – let us know. Also, there have been separate pushes for TBOR Action to add Nature Resources, School Choice, Neighborhood Representatives within Congressional Districts to reign Congress back in, and a Grand Bargain to reign the spending that is stretching banks to shift power to China. We’d love your opinion on if you believe these issues are important to include, or if they seem more like Mission Drift.

Lastly, keep in mind that while we do get a lot of requests to get involved with specific candidate political campaigns, that activity is beyond the scope of what Take Back Our Republic Action does as a 501c4. When a team member takes partial leave to work on a political campaign, that is separate from TBOR Action efforts.

Thank you for your support and feedback!

Byron Shehee, TBOR Action Field Director


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