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Hannity Says He Wishes TBAF President Election Prediction Wrong

Thursday 28 million radio listeners to Sean Hannity’s show tuned in for a show featuring Take Back Action Fund President John Pudner, US Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) and Eric Eggers of the Government Accountability Institute.

Click for the show in its entirety. At the 1:02 mark Hannity introduces Pudner and Eggers, and then starts to ask Pudner questions at the 1:06 mark before concluding at the 1:28 mark by stating that he wished both were wrong in their pre-election predictions.

Eggers pre-election predictions involve controversies that could arise surrounding the election. Eggers views are his own and not affiliated TBAF, though the two organizations do have one informal link in Peter Schweizer, who is President of the Government Accountability Institute and serves in a voluntary role as Advisory Board Chair of TBAF’s sister organization, Take Back Our Republic.

Pudner’s pre-election predictions posted in the blog, “TBAF President Crunches Election Day Numbers for the Hill” with attachments to the Hill and a state-by-state breakdown predicted a narrow loss for President Trump while contradicting the polls and Nate Silver by predicting the GOP would keep control with 51 Senators (he will either prove exactly correct on the Senate or be one off in either direction, as the actual result will be either 50, 51 or 52 depending on two Georgia runoffs January 5).

The state-by-state grid marked the third time Pudner correctly predicted 48 of 50 states in a Presidential election: In 2000, Pudner missed only by awarding New Mexico to Gore and New Hampshire to Bush. In 2016, Pudner missed only in awarding Colorado to Trump and Pennsylvania to Clinton. This year Pudner’s misses were picking a Biden win by 0.7% in Florida, and a Trump win by the same 0.7% in Georgia (incorrect unless the hand recount changes the result).

The interview touched on several areas where TBAF’s position is between the two extremes.

TBAF supported mail-in voting even to a point of contradicting President Trump in this Breitbart Radio interview BUT opposed the mass mailing of unrequested ballots that occurred in Nevada. TBAF rejects claims from some of the right that Joe Biden did not really win the election but also rejects claims on the left that there is virtually no election fraud in any of the 100,000+ voting precincts in the country and believes investigations should be carried out beyond those already indicted this year for election fraud. TBAF supports secure electronic voting that has withstood attempted hacking to enable overseas military and disabled voters, and electronic systems for in-person voting that provide paper back-up ballots. TBAF applauds Georgia for conducting a hand count which can either confirm and validate Biden’s win in the state or point to accidental or intentional glitches in the software, just as the recounts Jill Stein and liberals insisted on in the Upper Midwest in 2016 validated Trump’s election. Click here to listen to the entire show, or advance to the 1 hour and 2-minute mark to listen to the last 24 minutes featuring Pudner and Eggers.


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