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Grenell Visits Wisconsin

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

Thursday we were thrilled to welcome former Take Back Our Republic Communications Director Ric Grenell back to Wisconsin.

The TBORAF staff is familiar with President John Pudner (left) joking that in 2015 he had to finagle getting Grenell (right) into some Republican National Committee meetings — and now, John tells us, “He is here (gesturing above his head), and I am here (below his knees).”

Back in 2015, Grenell’s combination of impeccable conservative credentials and a willingness to consider innovative government reforms made him the perfect person to guide John’s national media tours. Later, he was appointed by President Trump as German Ambassador (his “favorite Ambassador,” Trump would say) before promoting him to his Cabinet as Acting Director of National Intelligence.

At Thursday’s event, just 15 minutes up the Lake Michigan coast from John’s home, Grenell told attendees that some of the political pay-for-play system in America has similarities to bribery in other countries, echoing one of the initial themes when he and John launched Take Back Our Republic (see New conservative group aims to build GOP support for reducing influence of big donors, Washington Post, January 13, 2015).

It was this 501c3 Take Back Our Republic that gave rise to the current Take Back Our Republic Action Fund (a 501c4 organization).

Thursday’s event was one of multiple events featuring Grenell in Wisconsin.

For more on TBORA's efforts on election integrity, please click here.


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