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Georgia Indictment Amid Biden Scandals and 2016 Parallels: WERC (Birmingham, AL) Fox News Interview

President John Pudner continued his radio tour across our Republic discussing the appointment of a special prosecutor for Georgia Lt. Governor Burt Jones’ case in relation to his alleged involvement in one of former President Trump’s indictments,

Visiting the red tides of Birmingham, Alabama, both Pudner and host J.T. not only analyze the conduct of Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis in this case, but also how, conveniently enough, many of these recent Trump indictments come at nearly the same time as new revelations and investigations related to the Biden family, including the Penn-Biden Center controversy, come forward. Both also discuss the parallels to the 2016 presidential election and how the appointment of alternate electors during the 2020 election pales in comparison to cases of protestors attempting to block and threaten electors from voting for then-nominee Trump when it comes to attempts to allegedly “thwart our democracy.”

To learn more about TBOR Action's efforts on topics including election integrity, please click here.

The following transcript from this interview is presented in its entirety with minor edits:


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J.T. and TBOR Action President John Pudner

J.T. 00:00

Joining us now is John Pudner, the President of the Take Back Our Republic Action, and also Bush aide back in 2000, on what's happening over in Georgia. Apparently now, this district attorney, Fannie Willis, who got herself some nice new PR photos, now apparently using this moment in the spotlight, in her 15 minutes of fame, to fundraise as well. Imagine that? She has now assigned a special prosecutor to investigate Georgia's Lieutenant Governor Burt Jones in connection with this whole thing with Trump. John, welcome back in, thanks for being here.

John Pudner 00:32

Hey, thanks for having me.

J.T. 00:34

I tell you, they're throwing 13 different counts in this indictment, 18 others are being charged, she wants to put them all on one big ball of wax, and try him within six months. I mean, this is insanity. At this point, they're reaching at straws and saying, "What else can we throw in here? How many other counts? What about lying to that person, or sneaking around and doing that with that person?", I mean, it's insanity.

John Pudner 01:00

And I think the final piece of evidence on whether or not people believe this is politically motivated, or just following the law, is the special prosecutor, because she had not want to have a special prosecutor, she was going to go ahead and charge the Lieutenant Governor, along with everyone else. The judge had to explain to her that, since she had hosted a fundraiser for the Lieutenant Governor's opponent, that she had a conflict, and couldn't prosecute. I mean, it was absurd that she was going down this path and had to be told that. The idea that a prosecutor tries to beat someone in an election, fails, the people elect them, and then they want to prosecute them? I mean, I think that tells you all you need to know about all her prosecutions,

J.T. 01:48

It clearly says that if you're in a competitive nature against me, or my party, in an election, we're gonna come after you, and it's like, "Well, wait a minute, you're supporting the opposition here, you're raising funds for the opposition, and now you want to bring down this guy that is the opposition?". I'm sure she's thinking that if the President can do this, and everybody's on board with this in my party, let's go, I'll just bring down some people that I don't support in this state. It's insanity! When will this trial actually began, and cannot be done within a six month timeframe with 18-19 people now in this Georgia situation? I'm thinking, technically and legally in the justice system, that's insane, the amount of motions that are going to be filed, it's going to take forever.

John Pudner 02:42

Oh, I think so. I don't think she really thinks she's gonna get the case up that quickly. I think she believes it'll drag out through the whole election. Think of what they're doing, they're trying to say you're a criminal, if you signed up as an alternate elector in case challenges were successful, and Georgia was flipped. In Wisconsin, they're going after them civilly, they're suing for a couple of million dollars, where in a civil case, you only need a majority of a jury, and so they've tried it that way there, and I want to make this comparison. They're saying that this was a threat to democracy to have signed up as an alternate delegate in case challenges, which were active, were successful. Compare this to 2016 when even liberal publications, like Politico had headlines, saying that electors were under siege. I mean, the death threats that were being made by the left against electors to not go vote for Trump. These are the actual seated electors, and talking to one of the Wisconsin electors back then, they told me, "You wouldn't believe it. I showed up to 1000's of protesters, left-wingers surrounding the Capitol, where we have to walk through it by ourselves while they curses out", so that wasn't a threat to democracy, but having an alternate list ready, in case your court challenge is successful, is? It's beyond the pale.

J.T. 04:03

It's insane where we are politically. It's like a banana republic in here and these are the things that we read about and talk about in other countries that have weird, crazy, corrupt governments trying to take the offices and steal them and do whatever it takes to get it done. This is the United States of America. This is not us and what we've become is disgusting with the Democratic party here. Now, look, I can see them sitting around the DNC table, and with a big whiteboard up there, and they've got it all mapped out what they are doing every week and every month until November when Election Day comes. "Why don't we do this? Why don't we go ahead and start the trial right before Super Tuesday in March, and that will really take the spotlight off a Super Tuesday and put it on more Trump activity?" I mean, it's this whole thing is being orchestrated like a conductor.

John Pudner 04:58

That's right, and I think also it's to just take the spotlight off of Hunter Biden every day. There was a nice piece yesterday that Fox News TV did do just detailing how, every time new news breaks on Hunter Biden, there's a new indictment somewhere to try to make it a bigger news story. To look at the scandal involved in Biden - we were the first ones to expose the Biden-Penn Center and the 100 million dollars from the Chinese going into the center were classified documents were kept - but get that off the pages. I mean, that is a real international security breach, and yet knock that off the headline for the latest story on an alternate elector,

J.T. 05:40

We've certainly seen that nothing is going to happen until there's a change in the White House there. They get away with it, they lie about it, and they'll do it right to your face. They don't care because there's no accountability and consequences for what's happening with those Democrats. Now, once again, thank you, John. I appreciate you being with me.


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