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First Presidential State, Nomination City, And Indiana Integrity Bills

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Pictured: From the heart of presidential candidate country, to main-street America, to state capitols and legislatures, TBOR Action remains busy advocating for and working towards solving election rule issues across our Republic.

I am talking to Iowans as often as Republican Presidential candidates! Following up a short term limits radio interview I did earlier this morning with a more in-depth conversation you can listen to below with guest host and Star Network Political Editor Matt Kittle, who was interviewed by Steve Bannon regarding his work to launch Star Network efforts in battleground states under the direction of Michael Patrick Leahy, who was a fellow Breitbart Editor with me a decade ago. I not only discussed the Penn-Biden Center scandal, but also about the need for real election reform, including and especially Final Five:

"I think a big problem in the country is the spoiler system... I do think you need to look at the Final Five system where you have people cast their real vote, and while they can cast a protest vote for some other conservative, in the end, they make a choice on which direction they want and you don't keep having liberals win with under 50% of the vote. I think, with that, we can have a better represented country."- John Pudner, TBOR Action President

While the Presidential nomination contest will start in Iowa, it will conclude with the 2024 Republican National Convention in Milwaukee, where Saturday I was honored to be elected as an at-large Milwaukee GOP Committee Member, part of the small governing board for the RNC host city GOP. While TBOR Action is non-partisan and thus does not get involved in party politics as an organization, we are glad to be front row for the only opportunity every four years to interact with the leaders of 50 states.

Other TBOR Action team members' schedule is packed with meetings in Virginia, where Governor Glenn Youngkin was nominated in 2021 by a unique variation on the convention nominating system before pulling off a major upset and helping Republicans win the House of Delegates to break Democratic control of the state. An ironic connection is that Youngkin went through a nomination with five serious candidates, the same number in two races from this weekend in which using a simple "Final Five" ballot letting attendees list their candidates in order rather than casting multiple ballots would have resulted in them going home a few hours earlier.

The whirlwind of states will wrap up in the Indiana State Capitol next week. where we were invited by some of our local members in light of good legislation being considered in stark contrast to the attempt north of their border by Michigan to deceptively gut Voter ID laws - certain to diminish faith in elections for the 80 percent who support Voter ID.

If you see legislation in your state you believe TBOR Action should help advance or oppose, do not hesitate to contact us here. Also, feel free to give us feedback on which types of ballots you support or oppose by clicking here and completing our latest survey.

Thank you for all that you do to help take back our Republic!


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