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Final Five Featured in Wisconsin Right Now

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Pictured: An op-ed published in Wisconsin Right Now discussing the challenges with the current primary process and why adopting Final Five will help solve these divisions and unite voters.

As another series of political primaries continue to heat up in Wisconsin, this time for the State Supreme Court and 8th State Senate District Special Election, the need for real electoral reforms in the state continues to become more clear. Time and time again, Republican voters in the dairy state have watched as contested primaries divide local parties, result in needless mudslinging, and waste valuable resources attacking one another to the detriment of voters. Without the necessary infrastructure to win a general election campaign and doubt already sown from opposition research, these primary winners often end up losing in the general election to better-equipped, better-organized, and better-prepared Democratic opponents.

As highlighted in a Wisconsin Right Now op-ed published earlier today, that is exactly why Wisconsin needs to adopt Final Five voting - to empower upset candidates, end divisive primaries, and enable voters with representation that better reflects what they want from their elected officials. This not only empowers Republicans, but Democrats as well, as this system allows for candidates to focus on the issues that matter to voters instead of needless mudslinging. You can read the full op-ed here, which details why, per the writer's view, it's especially important for Wisconsin Republicans to help enact Final Five:

"It allows the general voters to better choose their candidate—not be at the mercy of the choice of the primary voters. One could argue that any party can suffer the impact of divided primary fields. But today, in Wisconsin, it is Republicans that are losing significant races because of our current system. I want the Republican party and our system to be open to new ideas that restore healthy competition in our elections. I believe that Final Five Voting can be a big part of the solution." - Kelly Grebe

For more on TBOR Action's efforts on Final Five, please click here.


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