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On Saturday, Lars Wiechmann (National Field Director), Noah Durham (Central Field Director), and Johnny Babilon (Eastern Field Director) attended a Reagan Picnic at War Memorial Park in Martinsburg, WV.

They met with many conservative leaders from Jefferson, Berkeley, and Morgan county to discuss the work they are doing in the state for “West Virginians for Transparency”. The highlight of the event is when Secretary of State Mac Warner asked Noah and Johnny to help him with his presentation by playing the roles of “voter security” and “voter access” (pictured below).

The field team also talked with several legislators from around the state. National Field Director Lars Wiechmann had great conversations with WV Treasurer Riley Moore and former WV Speaker Pro Tem John Overington. To learn more about our efforts in West Virginia please visit and sign up on the contact page!

The field team is working with West Virginians to educate on the issues of dark money, corruption, and voter accessibility to encourage Senator Manchin and Senator Capito to pass needed reforms to secure and strengthen our election process.

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