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Debate Cancelled After Demand for 21 New Conditions

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

We regret to report that Tuesday’s debate has been cancelled. Tonight, my opponent placed 20 new conditions on participating in a debate - some of which were acceptable but others which I could not accept and therefore must cancel.

Earlier in the week, I put one new condition on the debate regarding removing the sponsor because I am currently in litigation with them. The fact this litigation could result in me participating in a court room for the first time since I was on a jury decades ago likely led to me not grasping that, legally, I should not have responded to a phone call I received offering to sponsor the debate from the opposing party during litigation. It was a good-faith mistake, but nonetheless a mistake on my part.

While I cannot pursue a later debate with the planned opponent on this debate if all 20 demands remain intact for such a discussion to begin, I hope another debate can be scheduled with someone (or the same opponent if the list of 20 demands is pared down) as soon as possible, and I, for my part, am still grateful for everyone, including my planned opponent who was willing to participate until these changes from both sides were required. I always hold out hope for the future since, in politics, we know that today's adversary may be tomorrow's friend and ally.

- John Pudner


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