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Crisis as Americans Lose Faith in Justice Dept & Institutions: WSJK (Champaign, IL) Interview

TBOR Action President John Pudner kicked off another radio tour across our Republic earlier today, starting in Champaign, Illinois to discuss the crisis that faces the country as Americans lose confidence in the institutions they used to trust - including the Justice Department charged with equal enforcement of the law for all.

The contrast of an investigation of who left cocaine in the West Wing of the White House, where top decision-makers meet with the President for the big decisions rather than the East Wing that is often toured by the public, contrasted with a second DOJ whistleblower claiming past leniency regarding the Biden family, is troubling. Not only does this further showcase the inept and chaotic nature of the Biden White House, but it also has huge political implications. Joe Biden’s basic campaign theme was “I’m not Donald Trump,” and some of his allies implicitly add, “Unlike Trump, I’m not above the law.”

The problem with a Biden re-election is that it is becoming more possible that voters who want to vote against Donald Trump will have three choices. A group called No Labels plans to put $70 million into an independent campaign - perhaps for Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Simena, and the Green Party now has a much stronger candidate than Jill Stein in 2016 as Cornel West has a huge following in his campaign to “join the empire to tear down the empire.

If moderate voters have the option of Manchin-Simena, and progressives have the option of Cornel West, who can both argue rightly or wrongly, “I’m not Donald Trump OR Joe Biden (who now has topped Trump by 3% for the worst approval rating of any President at this stage of his Presidency at 41.2% to 54.2%) AND unlike the Trumps or Bidens no one is accusing me or my family of criminal activities (rightly or wrongly),” then Biden’s path to a win becomes very difficult.

To learn more about TBOR Action's efforts on topics including election integrity, please click here.

The following transcript from this interview is presented in its entirety with minor edits:


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Gary Shapley, Stevie Jay, and TBOR Action President John Pudner.

Stevie Jay 00:00

He is currently the President of Take Back Our Republic Action, a Bush 2000 aide, and the only person in US history to run a campaign defeating a Majority Leader - John Pudner, who's probably doing waffles this morning up in Milwaukee. John, how are you?

John Pudner 00:19


Stevie Jay 00:20

It's so good to have you here. Lastly, and I won't, because I got other things I want to ask you about... what white powder? It's over, okay? You're telling me the secret service doesn't know everything they need? That's what is so infuriating. It is not equal justice under the law. You're supposed to just do your stuff, but they're protecting somebody on the cocaine at the White House, that's what they're doing.

John Pudner 00:50

Well, it was found in the West Wing, I keep trying to stress that, because the East Wing is where a bunch of people walk through the door, and look at things, and take pictures. The West Wing is where you decide to run a war or not, sort of hits a lot of people in the White House, or maybe it was just someone who went through, but that just doesn't hold based on where it was found.

Stevie Jay 01:11

Okay, well, there was the cocaine story. If a tree falls in the forest, doesn't make any sound, John? Because the whistleblowers came to Washington. Nobody is refuting what they're saying about the Bidens and the money they're receiving, It's been confirmed by FBI.

Gary Shapley 01:29

I'm not here to support partisan agendas on either side. I'm here because our tax system relies on the American people having confidence that it is administered fairly and equally for everyone, regardless of your last name, or political connections, that the handling of this case was inappropriate. It doesn't matter whether it happened under a Republican or Democrat administration. In the course of any normal investigation, when the subject's father is somehow related to the finances of the subject, in the normal course of any investigation, we would have to go and get that information to properly vet the financial flows of money in that investigation to determine what we ended up charging.

Stevie Jay 02:07

John Pudner on the phone line, that was Gary Shapley, who testified as an IRS agent. We got all this stuff. Fox News is the only guy that had that. Where was the media?

John Pudner 02:20

That was the problem. I mean, that kind of legacy media that was here 30, 40 years ago, used to be liberal, but you'd cover both sides, but just as you said, there's almost no coverage. I mean, I had to dig through. I could find something on websites, if you really look closely into the legacy media, they had a second whistleblower coming out here, and you're right, the fact that this is happening the same time that this denial to pursue the cocaine in the White House as you're doing television and preferential treatment, everything regarding the Biden family, it leads to political ramifications. I mean, what was Biden's campaign basically? I'm not Trump and aren't you tired of the ethical issue? I mean, it doesn't that really sum up the entire campaign? What are you left with after all of the Biden investigations, and certainly, apparently cover-ups, if we believe these whistleblowers who are very credible?

Stevie Jay 03:19

Shouldn't there be John Dean saying, "There's a cancer going in the White House", Where's John Dean?

John Pudner 03:25

Yeah, that's right, it's just gone, unfortunately. And, I think the point here is that Americans are losing faith in all the institutions, you've lost faith in all the old guard media, so you used to be have some faith in their reporting, but you've lost faith in DOJ, and what do we have left if the country's got that little faith in so many things that everyone trusted 30 years ago?

Stevie Jay 03:53

What does that mean? If you know something really, really bad, it's like a bad movie, who do you take it to? Because they're in on it! I mean, that kind of stuff.

John Pudner 04:06

Yeah, that is scary. You go to elections when things get bad, and again, back to what's your strategy, If you're a liberal banking on more than 50% not voting for Trump, let's just say that's true for argument's sake, well, now you've got an independent candidate Joe Manchin and $70 million behind him where he wants to run. You've now got another person who can say they're not Donald Trump and you've got a serious Green Party candidate this time. Cornel West has a progressive following, this isn't Jill Stein, so now you're looking at the politics of, let's say it's 55% don't vote for Trump, for argument's sake, you're dividing that three ways now. I mean, how do you do that math if you're Joe Biden? So, this idea that I don't have to address any of this because the media has my back, I just don't think it will work.

Stevie Jay 05:00

Yeah, but you go back to the institutions, John. I mean, I don't trust the drop boxes, so where does that put me with an election? Democrats claimed fraud in 2000, and fraud in 2016, and then you raise anything in 2020, and you're a conspiracy theorist and a liar. I mean, it's just crazy.

John Pudner 05:20

It is. Now, I will say that there are some differences from the last election, like in Wisconsin, we have almost no drop boxes now. There have been, and don't now, you know, that's been cleaned out.

Stevie Jay 05:32

So, Wisconsin has changed. What about Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Arizona? I mean, Wisconsin doing that is great news. I just think is hard to verify. Jimmy Carter was in on a study in 2006, saying, "You got to be so careful of absentee," and now we're doing dropboxes, you got to tighten it up for everybody.

John Pudner 05:53

You do, but the Georgia law. I mean, liberals hated that Georgia law, which was very thorough on a lot of these things a couple of years ago, so their habits will change. You had a Republican governor, and legislature, and everything else, and the other part....the problem is, with elections laws, you do have to look at things you can change too. Too many Republicans were discouraged from anyone voting mail-in, voting early, and some have to if their elderly, or their health, etc, and that really has to change. When you got Kari Lake now, who was one of the biggest opponents, saying, "Hey, now I'm leading an early vote effort, that's going to be my focus", so you do have to look at things you can change in addition to tightening up the law, it's offense and defense. I think there's been advances on both, I really do.

Stevie Jay 06:40

John Pudner, the voice of reason. That's why he left Washington. He's now in Milwaukee. President of Take Back Our Republic Action. How do people find you, John?

John Pudner 06:50

It's Leave off the word find when you're on the website, just and would love to have you sign-up. We get a lot of people in Illinois on the list.

Stevie Jay 07:04

I appreciate you always. We like talking to you, John. Thanks for your time.


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