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Chuck Warren's Breaking Battlegrounds podcast featuring Governor Joe Lombardo and TBORA John Pudner

Chuck Warren's Breaking Battlegrounds recent podcasts featured Nevada Governor Joe Lombardo and TBOR Action President John Pudner. Warren is regarded in Republican circles as one of the best fundraisers (he was NRCC Finance Chair in both Arizona and Utah) and a most adept ground game leader. His Florida operations are credited by many for turning Florida from purple to deep red.

After 15 minutes of a deep dive into the state of conservative politics today, Warren turned the discussion to why after so many conservative successes, Pudner encourages conservatives to have a frank discussion about reforms to address the huge political money advantage enjoyed by liberals as well as why the ability of liberals to take over Republican primaries makes Final Five necessary.

Please listen to the interview with Pudner (above) or with Nevada Joe Lombardo. Like Warren, TBOR Action's Western field director Josh Naponiello oversaw door canvassing for Lombardo in Nevada, the only challenger to beat an incumbent Governor in 2022 while Tim Michels was the second best showing at 48 percent.


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