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Caucus Elects Delegate 'Dream Team' & Me to Platform; Grenell Podcast Gets 2,980 Clicks

It’s rare a day goes perfectly in politics … but it did Saturday. 

The Caucus for the host Congressional District of the upcoming Republican National Convention elected me to the Platform Committee, and then elected all three friends I supported as the Voting Delegates to the Republican National Convention–this “dream team” (pictured from left-to-right) includes Patty Reiman, Laurie Wolf and Cindy Werner.


The organizer of a recent all-day “ban RCV” event failed to get a single preferred candidate elected as delegate–or even as an alternate–in the next vote. This despite the ballot including "Trump campaign preferred delegate" by the name of the candidate who still finished 7th after winning the same type of vote for County Chair a year ago.

 Is this perhaps a sign that distracting conservatives from talking about winning issues like stopping inflation and immigration (and related crime and fentanyl) shows a lack of focus on what is important this year? 

Thinking it was already a perfect day, I glanced at my phone to see it getting even better as an incredible 2,980 viewers clicked on my emailed link to this great podcast with Take Back’s former Communications Director Ric Grenell. 

While I’m used to robust “open” rates for emails I send to 70,000 Wisconsinites in addition to many legislators and chairs across the country, having 2,980 readers link to a podcast within that email is way beyond expectations. If you are not one of the 2,980 who clicked yesterday, I encourage you to listen today. 

Fellow conservatives will love the first 25: 47 seconds as Grenell, who launched Take Back’s communication effort in 2015, talks about the day when Donald Trump did not even realize his appointment made Ric the first openly gay cabinet member. 

However, liberals and moderates can skip those first 26 minutes to hear the fascinating conversation Ric has with Kaysar Ridha and Omar Qudrat about hate crimes. They review stats indicating the biggest percent of hate crimes are still directed against race or sexual orientation, followed by attacks based on someone’s religion.


It is fascinating to hear a Muslim host express his sadness about needing bullet-proof windows and walls that can withstand a bombing at a Jewish children’s school IN AMERICA as the most targeted religion. The additional surprise is that Sikhs now comprise the second biggest religious target, with Muslims and Catholics in third and fourth place, respectively. 

The uptick in religious persecution, as well as news stories from the Middle East, underscores the importance of educating Americans on the need for conservative policies to protect our FAITH and FREEDOM. 


As a final cap to the day, three other great friends–Bob Spindell, Gerard Randall and Purnima Nath–were picked on the second ballot as alternates, once again matching my ballot! With a streak like this, I’d be heading to the track to play trifectas (if I were a gambler).


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