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Are Money In Politics Laws Still Broken in PA 6 Years After Revelation?

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

After Presidential elections shook Americans' confidence in election rules and who is secretly funding US elections, Take Back Action Fund welcomes the discussions regarding reforms to stop pay-for-play politics. We also hope potential law-breaking already publicized in the past is addressed. For example, did Planned Parenthood break tax laws to help defeat President Trump in Pennsylvania in 2020, just as Open Secrets' research indicated they did in 2012 to help elect President Obama? The following is an excerpt from a Breitbart story based on Take Back Action Fund research:

... the fact that Planned Parenthood dominated their list was not mentioned in its story about the data. Instead, that fact was first noted by Take Back Action Fund, a conservative campaign finance reform group led by John Pudner, who was quoted in the Open Secrets story on its website.

“Certainly it seems like everyone’s ignoring the 50 percent… [and] it certainly seems like some of these [groups’] primary goal is electioneering,” not providing social services, Pudner told the group. Read the entire Breitbart story here.


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