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An Eventful Union: Team Converges and Reflects in Gettysburg

Pictured: The TBOR Action team with 'Gettysburg' Director Ron Maxwell, 'Copperhead' Co-Writer Bill Kauffman, as well as 'Copperhead' and 'The Rocketeer' Actor Bill Campbell, amongst a collage of sites across historic Gettysburg, PA.

Click here or on the image above for the final speech of a week that included speeches from the far east and west of Wisconsin and talk radio in Texas, Alabama, Tennessee and Illinois. A table of contents with time stamps appears at the bottom of this blog, in case you want to listen only to certain areas of interest.

After another busy work week, our team converged on Gettysburg for a shared day off from our homes in Wisconsin, Alabama, and Virginia. Just before Independence Day 1863, almost 40 percent of the troops from Alabama and Wisconsin were killed, and Virginia was one of four states (along with NC, PA and NY) to lose about 5,000 to 6,000. Our team takes the day off to celebrate our friend and the only VIP willing to take the stage with me for Dave Brat 10 years ago, Ron Maxwell, who we visited at his home last week and now is recognized on the 30th anniversary of the movie he produced - 'Gettysburg'.

And yet, it was one of the last wars in which both sides made every effort to avoid ANY civilian casualties, even capturing troops and sending them home on the agreement they would not fight again. The lack of any appreciation for history and norms of conduct may play a part in how 18% of Americans could blame Israel for the barbaric Hamas attacks in a conflict in which Israel uses missiles to protect civilians; while also trying to protect civilians on the other side even while retaliating - giving them the chance to leave while Hamas attempts to use civilians to protect their missiles.

To Take Back Our Republic, we must start by appreciating how special the American experiment has been, of course, with terrible mistakes like slavery, the treatment of Native Americans, and a Civil War that tore the country in two for four years. But we are stunned at the pay-for-play politicians who would eliminate history any way they can from CRT curriculums to condoning developers plowing over landmarks for profit without caring about “battles before I was alive” and letting Americans learn from our history while depleting resources.

Upon exiting the Constitutional Convention Benjamin Franklin was approached by a group of citizens asking what sort of government the delegates had created. His answer was: "A republic if you can keep it."

Not perfect but great. Transgender activists will not like the strong language in this speech about our republic needing to protect girls and women in bathrooms, sports and prisons from biological men. But the Republic is respecting the dignity and rights of all including the LGBT community - but a republic's deliberative process decides when the right of one group (biological male in a female locker room) must end at the point at which it would infringe on a competing right of another (woman's right to privacy in the same locker room). Noble in a world in which, as stated by Take Back Our Republic's first communications director Ric Grenell (who President Trump later made the first openly gay member of a Presidential Cabinet) other forms of government see no dignity and even throw thousands off of buildings to their death just for being gay. (see Iran Defends Execution of Gay People). However unjust Brittney Griner thought our justice system was, once she experienced the Russian justice system she stood for the National Anthem and told the liberal Atlantic, “[After] what I went through, it just means a little bit more to me now.”

With all our flaws, Churchill nailed it when he said, “...democracy is the worst form of Government except for all those other forms that have been tried.”

And with that, the following is the outline of one of my speeches Saturday to discuss issues and the rules of elections - the way we are used to discussing political issues openly in the country that was held together in the two years after Gettysburg where our team now sits.

Click here or on the image at the top of the blog for your option of a transcript or audio of Saturday’s speech - and use this table of contents to find the topics of the greatest interest to you:

Back South (for a day) With Riley Gaines - 0:35 seconds

Marquette, Scott Walker and Students for Life - 2:28

Speeches at 38 County GOPs; Hovde. Thompson, Neumann, Fitz - 4:30

How To Beat $5 Million with 200 Door Knockers - 5:47

Faith-Based Voters Outreach (high in 2000; lowest turnout in 2020) - 8:40

25% Support Transgender in Women’s Sports, Bathrooms and Prisons - 12:47

Talk About Rigged Election Rules; Not Stolen Elections (29% to 51%) - 13:40

Non-Partisan Commissions, Iowa Model - 15:29

Early Voting, Breitbart and Bannon - 16:15

Final Five Voting and Kanye West - 17:10

Thank you Cong. Van Orden for Not Interrupting - 19:53


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