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Act Blue TV Appearance Draws Liberal 'fact checkers' hysteria

Please watch yesterday's TV appearance, and feel free to use any of the quotes below to refute the various attempts made by hysterical liberal “fact checkers” on twitter and elsewhere in response to that show and the previous days' written story

We do want to credit principled liberals who support these efforts, including dozens of Democratic members of Congress who tried to outlaw ActBlue’s “untraceable system” as late as 2016 before ActBlue used it to move 4.7 million donations totaling $346 million from donors ActBlue admitted to the FEC did not have a job.

Liberal Fact Checkers/Act Blue Attack #1 on TBAF - TBAF’s “assertion that ActBlue is an ‘untraceable system’ is demonstrably false …”

“TBAF did not invent the term ‘untraceable system’ to describe the way Act Blue funnels money,” said John Pudner, President of Take Back Action Fund. “It was the Washington Post which used this term as early as 2008 after discovering the first case of a fake name being used to contribute $174,000 through this system. ActBlue’s untraceable system is so bad that dozens of Democratic Members of Congress tried to make it illegal as recently as 2016 (see complete list here).”

Liberal Fact Checkers/Act Blue Attack #2 on TBAF - TBAF counted retired from ActBlue’s official filings as unemployed 

“Act Blue is legally required to report all donations to the FEC, and in those reports Act Blue categorizes 161,680 donations as coming from retired donors,” said Take Back Action Fund President John Pudner. “If TBAF had counted those retired donors as unemployed, then the percent of donations from people without a job would grow from 48.4% to a majority of all ActBlue donors. 

“Liberal fact checkers can speculate that a huge percentage of additional ActBlue donors are retirees, and suggest ActBlue change submission forms or reach back out to donors and resubmit FEC forms. However, ‘fact checkers’ theoretically check facts rather than speculate, and the facts are that TBAF did not count anyone ActBlue listed as “retired” in their official FEC filings as “unemployed," and further that retirees fall into the most conservative age group and comprise only 16% of all American adults - well short of the 48.4% of ActBlue donors who are unemployed.”

Liberal Fact Checkers/Act Blue Attack #3 on TBAF - “ActBlue defends the integrity of its donations and said many come from retirees and people who aren't counted as employed, such as homemakers.” 

“‘Homemaker’ is one of the five most commonly listed occupations for donors to conservative WinRed, but not to Act Blue,” said John Pudner, President of Take Back Action Fund. “Homemakers comprise a tiny percentage of ActBlue’s donors, and as with retirees TBAF did not count homemakers as unemployed. The occupations that make ActBlue’s top 10 but not WinRed’s Top 10 are employees of Harvard University, Apple, Google, Amazon, Ms. Magazine and Kaiser Permanente, while 'homemaker' does not appear even in the top 25 occupations for ActBlue donors.”

Since liberal fact checkers seem to be moving from one argument to another to try to counter the explosive TBAF report, please email with any other attacks you come across. Remember than in 2016, we revealed that a huge "fact checking" operation actually based their employees in the Hillary Clinton campaign headquarters, from where they distributed “fact checks” to media.


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