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5 Top Election Priorities for 2024

We hope you are having a great 1st week of the New Year. Whether you are starting back at work or dropping children off at school - or just dealing with more traffic if already retired - we at Take Back Our Republic Action hope you had a great Christmas and New Year’s break.

We are off to a fast start to the New Year with Fox News Radio most of this morning, and will be posting some of these interviews.

This NewsMax piece posted today outlining our wish list of the following five election reforms for 2024, including:

  • Halt judicial attempts to remove Trump from the ballot

  • Get more conservatives to vote

  • Require voter ID and signature matches

  • Eliminate same-day voter registration

  • Stop social media efforts to divert conservative votes to spoiler candidates

If you want more details on our efforts, check for our pieces regularly on NewsMax, by watching this page for breaking news, or sign up or email to be emailed updates with more information.

Thank you!


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