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4 Regional Events Include Riley Gaines, Presidential Candidates

Take Back Our Republic Action follows up on an 8-station radio tour (top right photo) by sponsoring an event in all four of our regions. If you can make the event in your region, please click below to RSVP.

Southern Region - Georgia: October 6

We are proud to be a sponsor of the Annual Frontline Gala featuring Riley Gaines (top left photo), the SEC Athlete of the Year and 12-time All-American swimmer. My family’s Auburn, Alabama youth swim team hosted Riley’s 9- to 10-year-old Kentucky-based swim team in the Southeast championships years before she became a college All-American and one of the most sought-after speakers in the country for her defense of women’s sports. Let our Southern & National Field Director Byron Shehee ( know if you can attend and would like to get together with him and me that day. Click on this Frontline page to purchase tickets.

Eastern Region - Virginia: September 15

Our 8th and final radio appearance of an 8-station September national tour will be with one of the greatest hosts in the country on Joe Thomas in the Morning in Charlottesville. We will discuss the attempts by out-of-state big-money interests to erase American history by seeing battlefields around the country as nothing more than land to be developed. After that radio appearance, we are happy to contribute to the 90th-anniversary celebration of the station WCHV (bottom left two photos) in the town where I had my political start with then-State Delegate George F. Allen. The band Big Ray and the Kool Kats was thanked by Allen for celebrating his inauguration after he was elected Governor and then US Senator. Let our Eastern & Communications Director Noel Wilkins ( know if you would like to see him and Shehee at the event. Click here for free tickets.

Western Region - Iowa: September 16

We are proud to be a sponsor of the next Presidential Forum, hosted by Iowa Faith & Freedom in Des Moines (bottom center-right photo). This is a chance to interact with the teams from most of the Presidential candidates to talk about our issues, and we hope you will take advantage of the event to join us and do the same. This should be a lively follow-up to the debate a few blocks from our HQ in Milwaukee. Email our Western Field Director Josh Naponiello ( if you can join him and me in Iowa that day. Click on this Iowa Faith & Freedom event page to purchase tickets for the event.

Midwest Region - Wisconsin Candidate Training & Debate Watching Event: September 27

We will bring eight political grassroots experts to Madison, Wisconsin for a training session for those interested in either running for local office or being more effective as a volunteer or paid campaign worker or poll worker/observer. I have already received a number of calls from people attending because they heard Matt Braynard, who is pictured in the bottom right photo from when he grabbed a lot of attention at CPAC a couple of years ago with a unique statue. The training will occur from 6 pm to 8 pm, and then we will stick around to watch the 2nd Presidential Debate with attendees. There is no charge, but you do need to sign up to be given the location and attend in person. You can email me at or sign up at to get on the list.

Our team has many other local events scheduled, so even if you cannot attend the event above in your region, email your regional director or sign up at for updates in your area or to contribute to defray our costs in setting up these events. You can also call or text at 404-606-3163.


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