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TBORAF Welcomes Erin Yager as Director of Grassroots

Take Back our Republic Action Fund is proud to welcome Erin Yager as our Director of Grassroots Operations. She is responsible for forming Election Integrity Activism, which facilitated communication between thousands of Wisconsinites and their legislators - serving as a pilot for similar efforts throughout the US. Like TBORAF President John Pudner’s first political job as a Legislative Aide to a grassroots-focused legislator (George Allen of Virginia), Erin not only served as a legislative aide to State Assemblyman Tim Ramthun, but set up and coordinated a constituent outreach process within the district and then statewide. After building a substantial statewide following, she then took on grassroots efforts as the Southwestern Field Director for Michels for Wisconsin Governor campaign, where she improved his election margins from 2018 in 14 of 15 counties. She also watched drop boxes come into Milwaukee to make sure election laws were followed and ensuing chain of custody rules were being followed. In addition to pulling together teams of dozens of volunteer door-to-door canvassers, she led by example. Of 270 Republican employees knocking on doors for various entities, Erin reached the most doors out of anyone statewide for multiple weeks, personally knocking on 16,500 doors from August 10 through the November election.

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