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TBAF Meets Ohio Leaders About Instant Runoff Innovation

Updated: Jan 18

National Field Director promotes Instant Runoff in meetings with

Ohio leaders at State Capitol.

TBAF’s National Field Director, Lars Wiechmann and TBAF’s Ohio lobbyist, Steve Dimon met with current and former legislators, policy experts, and state leadership of the Ohio Chamber of Commerce to promote the innovation of Instant Runoff voting for Ohio elections.

In a key meeting, Wiechmann and Dimon were joined by former Ohio legislators and Instant Runoff advocates for a meeting with Keith Lake, VP of Government Affairs, and Will Lloyd, Director of Political Engagement at the Ohio Chamber of Commerce. Pictured below with TBAF’s Lars Wiechmann (center) are the former legislators who attended the meeting - former Republican legislator Gene Krebs (left in photo) and former Democratic State Legislator Sean Logan (right).

Wiechmann and Dimon were also able to attend two days of meetings in the State Capitol that included introductions to legislators, discussions with state policy leaders, and a briefing by an expert in implementing Ohio election reforms on the statewide and local levels. Pictured below, TBAF’s Wiechmann in the State Senate Chamber (photo credit to the Senate Minority leader) and in front of the Ohio Chamber of Commerce.

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