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East Coast Swing: TBAF Takes the Floor with Victorious Elected Officials from MA to VA

Updated: Jan 18

TBAF National Field Director Lars Wiechmann traveled up and down the East Coast during the entire month of April. From his home base in South Carolina, down to Georgia, up to Maine, and then back again, he was able to meet with conservative leaders, grassroots organizers, and donors, as well as our partner groups working in the election integrity and reform space.

(Photo Row 1) Lars is pictured below with Governor Charlie Baker of Massachusetts at a gathering of key donors from all over New England.

As former Virginia GOP Political Director, TBAF President John Pudner was busy reconnecting with old friends, allies and colleagues at the Advance in Herndon, VA. Diane Cullo, who was Lars’ former counterpart at TBAF's sister organization until taking a Trump appointment, was the first to tell John last year of the plan to elect now-Lt. Governor Winsome Earle-Sears. Diane was a contributing factor to Sears historic win.

(Photo Row 2) Lt. Governor Sears gives the opening address to the GOP State Central Committee, where John was a guest.

(Photo Row 3) John is pictured with former Republican Party of Virginia colleague Cathy Bolden (center) and the State GOP Chair Rich Anderson (right). John also met with Anderson’s team, both long-time allies from past campaigns, assigned to implement the Ranked Choice convention, which nominated Gov. Glenn Youngkin.

Three Congressional Districts including the 10th (picture from their event, lower left) will run Ranked Choice conventions this year.

(Photos Row 4) These two photos are from the 10th district reception, including the photo of John with long-time friend and Tea Party head Travis Witt, who teamed up with John to recruit Dave Brat to run for Congress in 2014. John also talked to the 10th District GOP Chair and some of the candidates pictured on the poster in the left photo.

The final photos are of John rounding out the weekend by meeting with three of four Republican Virginia Congressional members and their staffs.

(Photo Row 5) John talks with Congressman Ben Cline, whose field director at the event Kathy Hayden previously served on the Board of TBAF’s sister organization and as a fellow field director with John on many campaigns dating back to Ollie North for US Senate in 1994.

(Photos Row 6) The left photo is with Congressman Ben Cline, who like Wittman has known John for years. Ironically the photo to the right is of John’s first meeting with Congressman Bob Good, because Pudner placed SuperPAC ads to help Good defeat incumbent Congressman Denver Riggleman in 2020, and thus had to avoid any contact with Good or his staff at that time.

For more on TBORA's efforts on election integrity, please click here.

We encourage you to follow for updates on Lars Wiechmann’s swing from South Carolina to the tip of the Northeast before converging with John Pudner, who flew from Wisconsin to the annual Virginia Republican Advance.

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