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Court Packing and Civics Education Top of Fox News Radio Interviews

This morning Fox News Radio Stations across the country interviewed Take Back Action Fund President John Pudner regarding the proposal to pack the Supreme Court with four additional liberal Supreme Court picks. Pudner discussed the threat, the potential true end game of this effort to change actual Supreme Court cases. He believes the reason proposals like this are made is that Americans are now taught political activism rather than being given a Civics Education.

Without Civics Education, Americans have no appreciation that we live in a Republic with a separation of powers, and instead,

believe if they win political activists should be able to enact every policy change they want through all branches of government.

Click here for the interview on WRVA in Richmond, Virginia, and other interviews will be added later from these stations:

WJAS Pittsburgh, PA

WTKS Savannah, GA

WSJK Champaign, IL

KURV McAllen, TX

KFTK St. Louis, MO

WILS Lansing, MI


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